Continue from last month’s post (find it here) we are building on traveling tips with Apple Vacations.  Let’s get started on part 2!

Lisa’s Apple Vacations Travel Tips – Part 2-Lisa's Apple Vacations Travel Tips Part 2

  • When traveling, take at least $25 in ONE dollar bills in an easy to access location for special gratuities.  When was the last time you were helped inside the hotel by the bellhop and had to fumble through your bag for a few ones?
  • Notify your credit card company the days you will be out of the Country to avoid skepticism of Identity Theft.  We see this ALL. THE. TIME.  A client is out for dinner and shopping when she goes to purchase her merchandise and her credit card is handed back to her.  She then receives a text/ notification or email from her credit card company notifying her there is a hold on her account. Of course this is what we WANT the credit card company to monitor in case your card is stolen, but a major inconvenience while traveling (especially abroad).
  • Any problems while in resort – see the Apple Representative on staff.  Stuff happens.  I do my best to work out and plan for any mishap but sometimes you can’t plan for the unexpected.  The Apple Representatives are there to assist you.
  • The day of arrival or the next morning, there will be a brief Apple presentation that I highly recommend all our clients to attend to schedule any tours or excursions. This is also a great time to get any of your questions regarding tours or excursions.
  • If dinner coupons are required at your resort make reservations as soon as possible to insure availability (especially in peak season).
  • BONUS: Special items that are handy to travel with; waterproof camera, beach raft, insulated drink holder, seashell bags, baby powder. (Baby powder is great for quickly brushing off sand from feet, legs, and hands!).

Have you traveled with us or Apple Vacations?  What did you learn that would be helpful for other travelers?

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