Traveling can be a daunting task to prepare for.  Lots of things NOT to forget and lots of packing has to be done BEFORE you step foot out the door.  We understand and that is why I’ve compiled 20 tips to keep you worry free!  Here is my, “Lisa’s Apple Vacations Travel Tips Part 1”.  Although I’ve title it as tips associate with travel with Apple Vacations this list is universal!!   In no particular order…


Lisa’s Apple Vacations Travel Tips – Part 1 –


  • “Baggage Policies” – Check with your air carriers’ website (example: American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest) or call for specifics regarding baggage allowances and fees.  Staying informed on Lisa's Apple Vacation Travel Tips - Part 1 - what you can and can not fly with will save you time when at the airport.
  • Passports are required for all out of the Country travel.  Make sure to leave a copy at home in a secure area in case it is needed in an emergency. 
  • Renew your passport early, it must be valid for at least 6 months after travel. Some countries will not grant entry without this compliance. Do not take this risk, renew early!
  • Arrive airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.  You may be a seasoned traveler, but you can NOT forecast traffic through the airport.  Make sure to arrive early.
  • Sometimes checked bags do not arrive on time or at the right location.  Use your “Carry-on Bag” to store your camera, prescription medications (in containers from pharmacy), bathing suit or change of clothes, travel side toiletries and documentation. 
  • You can travel with any size of liquids as long as they are packed in your check- in luggage. Please liquids in double zip lock bags in case of spillage.
  • Pack an emergency travel kit with items such as: band-aids, bug spray, aspirin, imodium, antibiotic ointment, cortisone cream, burn gel, Tums, Dramamine, etc. You never know what you will encounter (especially traveling abroad). It is ALWAYS better to be prepared. 
  • Notify your cell phone carrier of the days you will be out of the Country, special rates may apply for that time. Also, research international roaming charges for your Smart Phones (as they can be very expensive).

Of course you have considered all of these tips, right?  Which tips stand out?  What tips would you add to this Part 1 list of Lisa’s Apple Vacation Travel tips?

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